Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Dana Falcon

There is so many things to write what I am passionate about, I love soccer, writing, reading. But I would give it all up for the one thing I am passionate about finding out. The one thing that I can not stop thinking about everyday; it is the one thing I am passionate about finding. It's what I want to do with my life. The question may seem so simple to some; settle down and have kids. What about the inbetween you have from now to that time? What do you do then? I do not even know what I plan to do tomorrow, let alone what I want to do ten years down the road. Yes, it scares me to no extent, I want to be able to help people and be able to look back on my life in sixty years and say 'I wouldn't have changed anything I did.' As the days go by the future is coming at me full speed, when I am stuck in the present in slow motion. I want to know what I to do with my life, if I really do affect the people I talk to everyday. I want to have a life fulfilled, but I do not know how. That is the question I have not found an answer to. That's what I work on everyday, it's something that never slips my mind, sometimes I wish it would. What then? What would fuel my fire to learn about life and what you are suppose to make of it? Passion is the word that fires my desire to fufull the question.