Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Rachel Zalucki

Four score and about thirteen years ago, the American people were confronted with a new type of war waged by a new type of enemy. At the start of the 21st century, America was full of potential, practically leaping at the many possibilities that stretched out in front of them on the plains of opportunity. However, the enthusiasm of this nation was brought to a screeching halt with two words – Global Warming. Al Gore, during his 2000 presidential election, stood in front of millions of people and warned them of their carelessness. He had loved the success just as much as any other American, but he had been smart enough to look beyond the affluence. He had been smart enough to take the lessons taught to him by one of his college professors to heart. However, Carbon Dioxide levels were not as important back then as they are now, but the only reason we are more aware of our damaged atmosphere is because of Gore’s warnings. He had looked the world in the face and accused it of killing itself via carbon emissions, but instead of issuing punishment or throwing patriotism to the wind, he proposed a solution. He told the American people of a way to redeem themselves in Mother Nature’s eyes, and right their environmental wrongs by swapping fossil fuels with cleaner, alternative energy sources. He promised that we could heal the Earth, but only if we take steps to reverse the damage already done, or at least prevent any further damage. Thanks to him, America is working its way back to prosperity with the help of clean, alternative energy.