Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Gage Adams

In America, nearly every child is asked the question, “Who is your favorite president”. Here in Illinois, the answer is often Lincoln, but for all the wrong reasons. Children only know a few presidents the current president, Lincoln, and George Washington. Far too many children and adults think of Lincoln as the best president because he is from Illinois, honest, or just because he is well known. Lincoln, in my opinion, is the best president for his sacrifice. He did what few men could do in the most terrible time in the history of the United States. This man sacrificed everything for this country. What I believe demonstrates this most are four pictures I have seen of Lincoln spanning from the time he took office to his death. In hardly four years it is shocking how much he aged. The stress of the war clearly took its toll on him. Of course the situation must have been incredibly stressful; is there a worse way to start a presidency then with the country dividing itself? I have always been told true courage isn’t not being afraid, but being able to think clearly when afraid. I do not doubt he was scared or worried during his presidency and yet he managed to pull this country out of its darkest time. But how was he honored? What did he receive in return for his bravery? Death, he made the ultimate sacrifice to this country. So when you think of Lincoln think of him as honest, as the politician from Illinois, but above all think of him as the president that sacrificed EVERYTHING for his country. Gage Adams Fisher High School Fisher, IL