Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Emiley Briggs

The Gettysburg Address is a speech given by President Abe Lincoln in the middle of the civil war. It was a short speech, only 272 words, but it was powerful and full of meaning. The Gettysburg address was also very relevant to the battle. If Abe had not given his speech, then how far would the battle have gone? Where would we be today? His speech preserved the Union. We were fighting our own men; 45,000 killed, injured, captured, or missing. This wasn’t just a “little speech” as he said, because it saved the Union. The reason why we were fighting was ridiculous. Yes, the battle was terrible, but Lincoln said that they could still stop right then and there, work towards a better nation, and learn from our mistakes. I think we have learned from our mistakes. Are we perfect? No, but we learned that all men are created equal and if our Union has a disagreement, we don’t have to have another “bloodiest battle in history”. The size of a speech really doesn’t determine the importance of a speech, and Lincoln proved that many times. Lincoln was for the North, he knew all men are equal. But he didn’t absolutely hate the south. He still considered them a part of the Union and no matter what they did, they would still be considered part of the Union. They just needed to be brought with their senses and reunited again, and that’s exactly what Lincoln achieved. He never said anything hateful towards the south even though he was all for the north, and that definitely says a lot about his character. Emiley Briggs Fisher High School Fisher, IL