Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Taylor Brown

Abraham Lincoln was a very determined man. He addressed the problem of the war in a quick two minute speech that changed the world forever. He did not offend one party yet he still found a way to make the point. He honestly did not think he did a good job on his speech but it changed the way America thought of him. He almost acted like the father of America; we needed someone to say everything was okay when it clearly was not. It was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and no one was going to forget it soon and he needed to say something to make everything okay. It honestly surprised me that people remembered such a short speech after someone talked for two hours. Abraham Lincoln even said himself that his “little speech” would not mean a lot. Abraham Lincoln thought no one would remember his speech after all of the deaths and injuries that occurred. The speaker before Abraham Lincoln rambled for two hours and Abraham came up and gave a two minute speech. I feel like people we already tired of listening to the other man talk and even when they were not paying attention, that speech means so much to America still decades later. He says that a nation should be together and that mourning as one would help them get past the situation they were in. The United States of America was like a giant warzone: us against us. Abraham Lincoln was a very intelligent man; he knew how to get his point across in the most unexpected way that I could imagine. Taylor Brown Fisher High School Fisher, IL