Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Danielle Buchanan

On November 19th, 1863, a broken people joined in a crowd to hear one of the most important speeches in history, this speech was the Gettysburg Address. Damaged by the carnage of an internal war filled with suffering and dismay, the president of the United States stood at a podium with nothing but a small sheet of paper, and began: “Four score and seven years ago…” But it was not the introduction that became so important, but rather the impact that which it left. His speech was influenced by his humility, his belief and his sorrow. He told the crowd they must win and reunite the split nation. His speech was so delicate and forceful, and ever so respectful. This speech is so powerful in its wording for it is clean, motivating and free of slander and hate. It contains no harmful words of the Confederacy or the war, and monumental towards those who died within the battle, and for those who were fighting in it. The effectiveness was proven due to its length and popularity, as Mr. Everett gave a two hour long speech, and Mr. Lincoln only took a few minutes, and only one speech made it into textbooks. Mr. Lincoln’s words were most sincere, for he poured his humility and deepest sympathies into this speech, while giving hope that the nation shall be reborn. It is in this speech that Mr. Lincoln announced the importance of the war, paid respects to those lost, and encouraged The Union to prosper under the name of the country and God, even after the bloodiest battle in American History: The battle of Gettysburg. Danielle Buchanan Fisher High School Fisher, IL