Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Spencer Deer

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation.” These are the legendary words from our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln, when he spoke at the field of the Gettysburg battle. Even though the speech was great as all people had known back in that time he was still saying that it was the worst speech ever. He had not guessed when he exclaimed these words that they would become the best speech in history without barely a single comparison. He also made this speech for the nation to know that he was not giving up on them and that he was going to bring the fight to the south. A man named Everett that was great at making speeches had spoken before Lincoln for two hours and then by chance Lincoln spoke for two minutes and did better. He inspired the nation with these 272 words and I am here to do the same now but not a nation maybe later on in life but I am trying to inspire others like me to do the same thing. I know that it was not easy for Lincoln to begin the speech especially because while he was on the way there he had lost the second page and had to quickly rewrite it. That’s why if you ever look at the Gettysburg address the beginning of it looks neat but the second page looks like chicken scratch. As all must have been before the speech everyone would’ve been freaking out in his position. These 272 words weren’t created by chance I wrote this to learn more. Spencer Deer Fisher High School Fisher, IL