Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Cadyn Davis

.6995 scores ago, I was brought unto this earth. I am but a girl, yet even in the brief time I have traversed the ambiguous and unpredictable paths of life, I recognize the need for an undeniably wise leader who can mend together the divided halves of a broken population as an imperative yet incredibly impossible position to fill. What gave Abraham Lincoln this ability to unite and empower people? Resonating from his 6'4 stature came 272 words which floored the people of his generation and continue to awaken callings of tragedy, dignity, and purpose in listeners today. No monument to the Gettysburg Address can replicate the emotional effect the speech was able to create- how do we produce sacred words to describe something scared? "[F]rom these honored dead we take increased devotion for that cause to which they gave the last full measure of devotion." Do you feel the raw heart with which Lincoln calls for validation of the life of fallen men? This is why Abraham Lincoln's speech fascinates people so- it is not the Gettysburg Address, but an embodiment of the emotions found on the battlefield of war. In a combination of 272 words, Abraham Lincoln hypostatized something directly from the soul. By incapsulating in air and vibration of sound the pure essence of our hearts after a time of war, Abraham Lincoln, in the midst of death and loss, created a miracle which forever will be a testimony of ability to access the human essence. This address is vital to history- the Gettysburg Address and the mark it left on our people shall not perish from the earth. Cadyn Davis