Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Charles Dolby

The Gettysburg Address Seven-and-a-half scores ago, our sixteenth president delivered a historic speech. It is a speech that has stood the test of time, and will be remembered for years to come. The Gettysburg Address may have been short in length, but it is nothing short of remarkable. Now, on this sesquicentennial, we will commemorate one of the most powerful speeches in history. As President Lincoln mentioned that the country was being tested by the civil war, we are also being tested in a different manner. That test is the preservation of his speech and the meaning behind it. Will we continue to cherish his legacy and message, or neglect it? A quote from George Santayana says, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. After all these years have passed, President Lincoln’s message is as clear as ever. He said, “That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth”. So far his message has stayed true, that same government has not perished from the Earth. This is proof to me that we will pass this assessment; we will keep alive the vision he made in his speech. But even with this being said, our job is still not done. We must not only keep this ideal ourselves, we must make sure future generations enshrine it as well. We must make sure that the deliverance of this speech was not in vain. This commemoration will certainly help us fulfill our duty in this regard. So let us all take some time to recognize and preserve the legacy of this compelling speech. Charles Dolby