Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Don Ellingson

ABRAHAM LINCOLN Abraham Lincoln has been an inspiration to people of this and other nations for over a century and a half. One of his worthy attributes earned him the title of “Honest Abe”. The story is that after working all day in a store and then realizing he had unintentionally short changed a customer he walked six mile to return the two cents to the lady. Of course, two cents in those days had much greater value than today. Nevertheless probably no one else even then would have done it. Honesty has always been a virtue to be respected, but today we seemed to have lost it. In days past most people didn't lock there doors. Many didn't even know where the key was. Also, most people left the keys in their car. These thing were happening because people were honest and respected their neighbor, considering them also honest. And they were right. You could go to your neighbor's and borrow things even if they weren't home. Today you don't go to your neighbor's if they're not home. Think how wonderful this country would be if that integrity still existed. Why and where has the honesty and respect gone? We don't know, but we certainly need Honest Abe back to inspire people of this nation. His morality and concern for our nation and every person in it is much needed today. Will there ever be another Abraham Lincoln? Definitely not. But we are extremely grateful that there was such a person and that among his many attributes, that humanity recognizes and appreciates, is the integrity that got him named “Honest Abe”. Don Ellingson