Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Mackenzie Lindeman

He smiled passionately, only to receive a sneer and humiliation in return. It is just another day at school, I'm just another witness. We recite now the pledge; we as people do not say it with grace. It is just a joke to many. What meaning does it have, it simply means nothing to them. One nation under god, those words race repeatedly through my head and beat at the inside with meaning but when recited forgotten moments later. We are not one nation nor are we under god. We are simply fighting him every day in a constant battle which we cannot seem to win. Another day at school, and yet another student is neglected and teased because of his color. Another shooting occurs, and more are killed. It's just another day. When will we come together as one? We will come together when we find piece amongst ourselves. Our nation cannot find piece without acceptance, without acceptance we can't find love, and without love, what kind of nation are we to be? One dispute after the other, one shooting after the next, and yet, we recite the pledge as if everything is fine. The boy with darker skin goes home and cries himself to sleep, and yet no one notices or lends a hand. We must lend a hand when in need, in which god has gave us two. We must love before we judge one another. Once we love, we will accept, once we accept, we will not judge, when we do not judge there will be piece. We will no longer fight the battle we are constantly losing. Mackenzie Lindeman