Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Vita Lobach

Vita Lobach In American history there has been many speeches written but one of the most impacted and uplifting of all times was the Gettysburg Address. While traveling to Pennsylvania on a train Abraham Lincoln wrote this speech focusing on a topic of freedom. Abraham Lincoln supported the Declaration of Independence and its principle of liberty and equality for the nation, and he used some of these ideas in his speech. After the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the bloodiest battles of Civil War, Abraham Lincoln spoke this speech at the dedication of the cemetery about the larger significance of the war. On November nineteenth, eighteen sixty three a lot of people heard this speech which lasted about two minutes.He reminded the people that eighty seven years ago the United States won its freedom from Britain and created a nation where they had their own government. Now the nation is involved in this brutal Civil War, where states are fighting among themselves. They are gathered at this cemetery to dedicate it to these soldiers that gave their lives for this country, so that this nation can be united into one. We must remember the courageous and bold soldiers that have died in this war, and the survivors of this war. But there was still work to be done so this nation can become the nation that it is today. It's our duty to finish the unfinished work which the citizens did after the war. Amendments were passed abolishing slavery, giving privileges and equal protections regardless of race or color. Under God our nation will last forever and the freedom would not be taken away.