Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jess Maghan, PhD

GETTYSBURG REDUX The consecrated dead of Gettysburg are still on duty protecting the frenetic dove of peace in her seeking a freedom fitting all mankind. Most postmodern scholars tend to avoid the heroic embodiment of Abraham Lincoln's folding the tent of the Great Fratricide and burying it in the marrow of our bones. That sacred moment of gathering those Gettysburg ashes for his esteemed eulogy has become a celestial sphere of grace for all times. President Lincoln is surely pondering how those sacred ashes are now appearing in 21st century modes of global combat. Most certainly he'd be in agreement that our global digitized wars are intrinsically no different than the bloody battlefields epitomized at Gettysburg on that cold day in November 1863. Today a stark truth is embedded in the geopolitics of our shrinking globe and it again exposes our unique form of American pragmatism. And even though at times it has been misunderstood as a form of stubbornness, it has emerged as a colloquial characterization of Midwest traits of "holding on to uncertainty," that natural bodyguard of life on the Prairie. President Lincoln used this famous stolid melancholy as Commander in Chief in meditating over war borne decisions for restoring the Union as his sole purpose. Now, perpetually translated through time and times, the presentation and wording of the indelible Gettysburg Address has been transformed into a permanent and sacred bedrock in the quest for world peace. This honored quest is beyond measurement as it is destiny's due from Gettysburg for us to now be bound in the duty to protect and nurture the world's oldest Constitutional Democracy. God Bless Honest Abe! Jess Maghan, PhD