Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Kalie May

President Lincoln faced many challenges in his presidency and is now considered to be the greatest president of all time. Buchannan, the president before Lincoln, did not actively address the problem of the Southern states seceding from the Union. Lincoln entered the presidency in a time of crisis. He is considered to be a prerogative president because he bent the rules in order to preserve the Union. Lincoln was incredibly clever in the sense that he did not did not fire first at the Confederacy. He gave the South an option and they chose to start the war. He could relate to the pain that the American people felt when losing a loved one, because he also lost his son due to disease. He faced American tragedies and personal tragedies. Lincoln’s second inaugural address was very powerful and demonstrated his moral character. He chose to forgive the south rather than condemn them for their mistakes. This was essential is healing the nation. In his speech he communicates to the American people that he is trying to bind up the nations wounds. It would be easy to punish the South because the war is their fault but Lincoln is doing what is best for the country. He expresses his faith in God and desires peace rather than war. He views slavery as morally wrong and it is our moral obligation to stop it. Lincoln received a lot of negative feedback from the media but he did not let this cripple him. He freed the slaves which strengthened America. This country would not be what it is today without the courage of Abraham Lincoln. Kalie May