Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Pamela Shane

Today we live in a very different world from the days of Abraham Lincoln and the civil war. But in some ways we have remained the same. My feeling is most Americans still hold the values, hopes, and dreams of a better world for the future of this Country and the people. We have seen some trying times; some have brought us joy, and some we have learned from. We love this country, we fought for it, and died for it, and NO one can take it away from us. I still believe in my heart of hearts that no matter what happens, no matter who is in the Office of The Presidency, no matter what the issues are with Congress or The Senate we, the people, still come together in a crisis! This Country is strong, and we are all survivors! Deep down we all strive for the betterment of humankind. No matter what gets thrown at us, this country still has a way of pulling together, regardless of political preference. When it is all said and done, we are all Americans! Lincoln faced diversity day in and day out, though with his untimely, tragic death The North and The South came together and His dream became a reality. His dream of preserving the Union and, sadly, though he was not able to see it through, he at least saw the end to the civil war. So when I think of an inspiration I can’t help but think of Abraham Lincoln and all he stood for, believed in, and gave his life for, and we are here today because of him!