Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Maya Jones

7 scores and 10 years ago Abraham Lincoln gave the speech that has inspired millions of people today. He talked about the war, the bloody deaths on the battlefield, and the brave men who simply fought for what they had believed in. Lincoln thought his speech was silly and would be forgotten by all, when in reality his speech was inspirational and important and remembered by everyone. The man who spoke for hours was little compared to the man who gave an important speech in the matter of two minutes. The feelings that you get from reading or hearing the Gettysburg Address is so inspirational you almost have to talk about it. The Gettysburg Address consists of 272 words. 272 words of inspiration. 272 words of honesty. 272 words of feelings. Speaking of Honesty, Abraham Lincoln was nicked named “Honest Abe” because he could not tell a lie and he had a super honest attitude. Everyone loved Abraham Lincoln. He was honest, kind, and he always stood up for what he believed in no matter what anyone told him. He stood up for what he believed in by getting rid of slavery. Abraham Lincoln wanted to get rid of slavery because the thought of people having to do manual labor because of the color of their skin made him sick to his stomach. Honestly if I was in Abraham Lincoln’s situation I would do the same thing. I think that Abraham Lincoln was a very good man. He did so many good things as a human being. Who wouldn’t look up to him? I know I do! Maya Jones November 19, 2013