Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Madi Howard

Mr. President Abraham Lincoln, this is a girl from a small town that knows that you are a wonderful hero and leader to our country. Your speech that you gave at the cemetery in Gettysburg makes me know that small things can make a big difference. Like I said above I am a girl from a small town and you make me know that I can do big things. You are a powerful and kind man and I will remember you as the man with the speech and the man with the tall hat and beard. I think that you deserve your spot on the penny. It fits you perfectly. Small things can make a big difference. This is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and your writing and delivery of the Gettysburg address and it is a day to remember. My History teacher was telling me that when you finished your speech you were disappointed in it. I think that nothing has to be perfect and maybe those people wanted to go home and take a nap or something. You thought that your speech wouldn’t stay famous or that everyone would forget it. Well like I stated above this is the 150th anniversary of your speech. It is very famous and has made a difference in many lives, including me. Speeches don’t have to take 2 hours or even 20 minutes as long as you worked hard and had an enjoyable time. Don’t waste your time on thinking you did it wrong or you were a failure or even incorrect it was and is perfect the way it is.