Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jacob Rodriguez

Abraham Lincoln- This man impacted our nation; no doubt about it. He understood that we were all equal and would budge from his goal: to abolish slavery. His persistence led him to greatness and he saw that what our nation believed was right, was a twisted view of freedom. Just the way Americans back then had a perverted perspective on slavery, the Americans today have a distorted view on the man who abolished slavery himself. Speculations and fictions about Lincoln today are outrageous, from him being a vampire hunter, to him being believed to be homosexual, but Abraham was none of these things. He was the nations pivot point to getting closer to freedom. He provided this nation with actual hope that one day we would be a free nation and a united people who cannot be divided by skin color or race. He planted the seed of liberty into the minds of Americans everywhere. His legacy rings through this country, booming through every single one of the states, letting every citizen know that they are free. He knew what he had to do and would not stop until slavery was eradicated from this nation’s future. He strived, and pushed, and didn’t stop; and eventually abolished slavery. Finally, our nation was free, and at peace eventually and no one feared for his or her life anymore just because of skin color. Abraham Lincoln understood that slavery was not freedom and that it gave our country a bad name. Lincoln completed his task and made this nation free. Abraham was an amazing man of honor and courage and created a legacy of freedom. Jacob Rodriguez