Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Ebyn Schnelle

What defines words? We seem to think that its the people who created them. The real answer is passion. Passion is the key to showing true meaning and Abraham Lincoln would not have changed history if he was not passionate. Expression in the delivery of his 272 words displayed his passion, his integrity, and his love for our nation. He believed in the equality of all mankind and a bright future for the nation. Lincoln addressed in his speech that those who died shall not have died in vain. Every man who died or survived on the battlefield were saw as the heroes who we dedicate our thanks. If it weren't for them his address wouldn't have been made. He made it clear that we were to carry out the responsibility of continuing the country's pursuit of freedom from where the soldiers of the war started that pursuit. The Gettysburg Address is Lincoln telling us to continue that pursuit but not as an individual but as a whole country united. Uniting has been our greatest factor as a country. We are the best country in the world because Lincoln fought and then united the South to make every man equal, to spread freedom, and to strengthen America through unionization. The potential that we possess, the standard we have today of being the best country in the world is all do to Lincoln and the men who fought in the war. He said our government shall not perish from this earth and Lincoln's passion and devotion to our country shall not perish either so long as we carry that same passion within ourselves. Ebyn Schnelle