Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Dannya D Travarez

The Gettysburg Address was much more than a speech dedicating a cemetery to fallen soldiers. Lincoln’s speech begins by defining what type of nation we live in. The U.S. is a nation founded on freedom and equality. Lincoln changed us as individuals to devote ourselves as equal people. At this difficult time, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the USA in 1860. He wanted to solve the problem of slavery. The southern states were against the abolition of slavery. This brought the unity of the country in danger. The southern states were prepared even to form a new country. Abraham Lincoln wanted all the states to remain united. He faced many problems. He wanted to preserve the unity of the country at any cost. Finally a civil war broke out between the northern and southern states. He fought the war bravely and declared, 'A Nation cannot exist half free and half slave.' He won the war and kept the country united. Lincoln was great man of God, he showed great leadership when wanted to take freedom to the next level by making all slaves free. As the people of this great nation take a stand for what you believe in. Lincoln was elected president for a second term. He was not against anybody and wanted everybody to live in peace. He made sincere efforts to heal the people's wounds caused by the war. In 1862, Lincoln declared that from then onwards all slaves would be free. This made him very popular among the people. The freedom I have today is so amazing so I’m thanking for him. Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Dannya D. Tavarez