Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jacqueline Teizeira

In memory of a man I so adore and admire, President Lincoln, I submit these words in honor of those still fighting for freedom and those families they leave behind. I am a wife of a soldier who puts his boots on and leaves us in service to his country. I sit and wait patiently for word of his safety, as the wives who came before me waited. He fights for our freedoms so often trampled on by a government run amok with corruption, yet he still fights. Our children ask when he will return and I smile and tell them he will be home soon. I guard them from the news, I put a smile on my face and we make memories he can’t be a part of. We go on. We fight the fight at home while he fights the enemy abroad and we stay strong for him. Why do we continue to do this when nothing is changing? Why do we do this if nothing gets better in the world we are raising our children in? Why do we do this if the government we are fighting to uphold breaks the law without any retribution for its actions? After all of the friends we have lost we fight. We do this because we believe that this country can be what it once was dreamed it could be. We believe that our for fathers’ vision of this new nation they brought forth is still attainable. We believe in our freedom. We believe in our equality. We’ll not cease. We will continue to fight, determined and without end, for these beliefs. Jacqueline Teixeira Fort Sill, OK