Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Danny Thompson

Eleven score and seventeen years ago, this new nation, conceived in liberty, was brought forth under the proposition that all men are created equal and deserve equal opportunity to live free, and to achieve all they desire to pursue with diligence and righteousness. We are now engaged in a war of ideologies between those of us who believe in the beauty in the passion and creativity of mankind unfettered, and those who would have each of us stand in line to simply receive our designated just dessert, taken from the have’s and redistributed by the appointed and elected - the self-proclaimed enlightened ones. This battle, fought with spinning words of judgment and scorn, without a care for justice and freedom, rages in the airwaves, in the courts, and in the communities we share. The common and the normal are touted as the preferred over the extraordinary and the courageous. Ambiguity, contradiction, and diversion are the strategies of the day. Swords of shame are waved to silence those of us who would say our government is wrong, that socialism will fail, and that handouts to those who refuse to receive only what they have earned will certainly end in the destruction of the country we so love, founded in extraordinary braveries, defended for two centuries by the passions that arouse the patriot. The closed mind is the brooding enemy. Vitriol and contempt, the fields of engagement. We cannot sit quietly, lest we wave the white flag and surrender to the bread line. We must speak clearly, fiercely and without fear. The great experiment that is our country will fail when we remain silent. Danny Thompson Austin, TX