Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Cassi Wood

Abraham Lincoln is known for being a strong, trustworthy leader who led us out of slavery and into a bigger, brighter future. His honesty even earned him the name “Honest Abe.” Lincoln led us out of the darkness of slavery into the light of emancipation by writing the Emancipation Proclamation. Thanks to President Lincoln, we are free. The President is best known for his speech titled “The Gettysburg Address.” He educated himself for the biggest majority of his life because he was born in poverty. Therefore, his speech was based on what he taught himself. One of the promises he made in his campaign is that “he would take no actions as President to impair or limit slavery in those states where it existed.” Just by saying this, a big majority of people for the abolishment would vote for him because he had the courage to stand up for what he believed in. Lincoln was probably the most intent President we have ever had. He listened to people’s concerns and then acted upon them without a single thought about himself, adding another grand trait to Lincoln’s character. President Lincoln might not have been perfect, but he did lead our nation into the nation that we are now. We might not be as stable as we should be, but we are so close to being there. Thanks to Lincoln bringing our nation together, we are so much closer to being a big, happy, independent country led by our own people. Without Lincoln, all of America would most likely still be at war trying to free everyone, but because of Lincoln, we are stabilized. Cassi Wood