Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Nick Griffith

Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech told during an internal crisis within American history is one of the most important ever given because of the time he delivered it and the consequences that would come thereafter. He united the north and the south into the Union through the very short, yet powerful speech called the Gettysburg address and kept the nation titled “The United States of America” upheld. Lincoln addressed his listeners as if he were talking to them as friends gossiping or discussing topics about work. In reality, he was giving the speech that tied the United States of America together for its existence through and after the war. Lincoln was giving the Americans within the crowd the “half time” speech of the Civil War about how important it was that they stick together and if the South refused, they would receive their punishment until they agreed that they would reunite with the north and end their rebellions. At the time, around 45,000 people were already dead, captured, or missing, so Lincoln left them with words that did not apologize for the deaths of their family members and friends. Instead, he pushed them on to keep struggling and fighting for unification. To show that it was right to create this memorial for the brutal war that involved Americans killing other Americans in order to split over a sort of border dispute. In conclusion, the Gettysburg address given by Abraham Lincoln is one of the most powerful speeches ever delivered because it withheld our nation from dividing in a time of the most important yet brutal crisis in the history of the United States. Nick Griffith Fisher High School Fisher, IL