Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Natalie Harness

“Four score and seven years ago our father’s brought forth on this continent a new nation…” Do you know what speech these few words are from? What do they mean to you? On November 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln delivered a very short speech entitled The Gettysburg Address. At that time, Lincoln had no idea how big of an impact that speech would have on us today. Lincoln stated in his address, “The world will little note nor long remember what we say here…” This speech was given to help remember the people who gave their lives at the Battle of Gettysburg. That speech may have been short, but it helped American’s realize that all men are created equal. That is just one of the great things this speech did. Most people learn about this speech and Abraham Lincoln at a very young age, some even have to memorize it. Lincoln gave this speech second on that day in 1863, but it meant much more than Edward Everett’s over two hour long speech. The audience that day was more impressed by Everett’s speech, but Lincoln’s had the greater impact. This speech has been taught to most students, young and old, in honor of one of the many accomplishments made by President Lincoln. People everywhere know this speech and how much it meant, and how much still means to America today. As president, Lincoln accomplished great things, but this is by far one of the best. People all over United States understand the important meaning behind The Gettysburg Address, and that is something Lincoln would have never expected. Great things come in small packages. Natalie Harness Fisher Junior/Senior High School Fisher, IL