Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Ian J Hazzard

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” This is one of the many quotes said by our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. This quote plainly states that every bit of his moral standing is based off his birth mother but I feel he had two very strong influences, those being his father and step mother. His father Thomas Lincoln may have treated Abraham poorly and even pushed him borderline slave like but, this work showed Abraham the meaning of hard work. He then took this knowledge and respected the people who worked and fought for their country and their beliefs. He also took very strong influences through his step mother Sarah Bush Lincoln. He was taught his legendary good humor through constant teasing and joking with his step mother. One of Lincoln’s jokes was to get together a group of younger boys and had them dip their bare feet in the mud outside their farmhouse kitchen. Then Lincoln took each of the boys inside, held them upside-down, and had them walk their feet across the ceiling. His step mother being the humors type just laughed and then jokingly threatened teenage Lincoln with a spanking. This is just one of many of examples of Sarah and Abraham Lincolns good humor towards each other. But his quote still has presence here; due to his first mother still holding place of major importance on his stance on everything. But my stance still stands, he may have not liked his father, he may have said many things about his step mother, but he kept them in heart, and in mind. Ian J. Hazzard Fisher High School Fisher, IL