Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jessie Head

Abraham Lincoln was a man that lived his life by his quotes. He meant what he said and applied to not only to his life but to his presidency. When Abe says, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” This could have controversy behind this quote. I think this quote means that you shouldn’t worry about the people that doubt you, look at the ones that have faith in what you’re doing. There were many people that doubted Lincoln’s abilities from the very beginning, there were also several people who believed in him. Why pay any attention to the disbelievers and try to make them come on your side when you can turn to the faithful. There will always be those who will always be against you. It is wiser to not waste your breath on those people; speak to the ones who have followed from the start. For Lincoln, he saw no reason to try to remove the doubt and look like a fool because he became too defensive. I agree with this quote’s meaning, but some may not. Others think that you should speak up for what you believe in and that your point should be made loud and clear. That’s where the controversy comes in. This quote does accurately describe Lincoln’s personality; he was a quiet one that always thought before he spoke. He took his time to think about what he wanted to say and decisions he was supposed to make. This quote means that you should never make a fool of yourself just to prove a point. Jessie Head Fisher High School Fisher, IL