Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Jakob Hobbs

“Some single mind must be master, else there will be no agreement in anything”. These words were uttered by our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, during the bloodiest conflict our nation has ever endured. When Lincoln said these words he referred to the split between his union and Jefferson Davis’ confederacy. He was telling the nation that if we don’t follow a single president, then we will stop progressing as a country. While this conflict was very clear cut, many events that follow this rule are not. These words not only describe our civil war, they also describe the political problems that are presently going on in the world. Right now there are many countries trying to adopt a democratic system. Some countries have slid into the new government easily, but many have struggled to get it going. These countries have struggled to transition because there are many factions that are trying to take control. These factions have split the population into many groups that do not agree with each other. This split has caused presidents to be elected that want to pull the nation back into an autocratic government. These presidents further the damage done by the factions by causing more fighting between them. The only way to solve this split is to get the people to get behind a single leader. If they can do this then they will be able to plant the roots that are needed to keep the democratic system of government going in their country. As long as most of the nation is behind one person, they will be able to progress forward by agreeing on ideas. Jakob Hobbs Fisher Jr./Sr. High School. Fisher IL