Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Zachary Johnson

On November 19, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln gave one of the most memorable speeches in history. President Lincoln gave a speech about the inequality of life for black Americans and the way the civil war was tearing our great country apart. He required the people to believe in the cause and help the Union defeat the Confederate. His two minute speech has stood the test of time, and 150 years later we still remember it. I personally believe that it is the greatest speech given so far in history. Long after everyone is in attendance, we still remember what happen on that day. In the Gettysburg Address, President Lincoln was telling the people the reason that we were fighting, what we were fighting for. He asked the people to believe in him, to help him support the cause. President Lincoln may have single-handedly changed the course of not only of American history, but the history of the world. He made the world change their old ways and change to the United States that he had envision. It may have taken almost a hundred years for America to become accepting of black Americans, but President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address helped the process pick up speed. President Lincoln’s speech was not supposed to be the main event. He himself said that “The world will little not, nor long remember what we say her, but it can never forget what they did here.” Mr. Lincoln could not be farther from the truth. His great and momentous words remain with us today. That is why I think that the Gettysburg Address was the most memorable speech ever. Zachary Johnson Fisher High School Fisher, IL