Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Brett Kersey

Minutes can define history. When Abraham Lincoln gave The Gettysburg Address it was only two minutes long. The Gettysburg Address is a speech given by President Abraham Lincoln, one of the best speeches in history. It was delivered by Lincoln during the Civil War, on Thursday, November 19, 1863, at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Lincoln was the second choice for this speech, at the time he should’ve declined, but he knew his Gettysburg Address was important for the nation. In 272 words and two minutes, Lincoln stated that our nation was born in 1776, "conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." The Civil War as an effort toward the principles of liberty for the nation. The freeing of slaves was part of the national effort. Lincoln said that all the deaths of the many brave soldiers would not be in vain, that slavery would end as a result of all the soldiers’ deaths, and the future of democracy in our nation would be secured. Lincoln spoke on the values of human equality written in the Declaration of Independence and said the Civil War as a struggle to preserve the Union separated by the secession crisis with the South, with a new birth of freedom that would bring true equality to all of its citizens. The citizens of the time didn’t think that anyone could follow up Edward Everett, but Mr. Lincoln proved everybody there wrong. The 272 word speech meant almost nothing then because half the people missed it, the people now know the importance of that great speech. Brett Kersey Fisher High School Fisher IL