Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Nolan Kuhns

Abraham Lincoln was considered one of the greatest presidents in U.S history. He had that title because of the iconic things that he did. When he was elected president on November 6th 1860 the country divided and went into a great civil war between the north and the south. Slavery was one of Lincolns main stand points in his presidency. At the battle of Gettysburg, there were a tremendous amount of casualties for both sides. But the union still held victory but at great cost. Even though this battle is considered the turning point in the war, the ceremony for the horrific battle a few months later Lincoln gave his speech the Gettysburg address. Lincoln is undoubtedly a great orator and popular at that time being the president. The Gettysburg address was not even heard by some when he delivered it, this speech was only 272 words in length, but he got his point across very well. The person who spoke before him, Edward Everett, was a renowned speaker in his time; his speech was two hour longs. Lincoln’s speech was not truly recognized as what it really was until after it was spoken. It was not even credited for what it truly implied, but one very special man did. Edward Everett wrote to Lincoln a letter about his opinion on the speech. “Your speech was short but I took more in from yours than I did from mine and that took almost three hours.” In my opinion even though there aren’t many words they can make a big difference in the hands of a smart and passionate person for his country. Nolan Kuhns Fisher High School Fisher IL