Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Reva Majercak

The Gettysburg address was such a good speech because, Abraham Lincoln was respectful of all parties, showed that they’re union centered, and they’re a democracy. Lincoln showed and reminded the public why they fought. He made it clear that he was the bloodiest battle of the civil war. This speech shows a lot of men were killed or went missing. Lincoln states, “The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here…” He says this to show that all men that fought in this war were brave. Lincoln said after his speech that it wasn’t good, not even he realized how far or “popular” it would become. Lincoln’s speech only took 3 minutes while Edward Everett’s speech took 2 hours and everything that was said in Everett’s fits in some way in Lincoln’s. This shows that Lincoln not only put everything he and everyone else needed into his speech but he also made it short and to the point. In this speech Lincoln states, “…these dead shall not have died in vain…” This means that everyone that died will have honor of fighting for us. To this day, people still think of this speech as the most eloquent articulation of the democratic vision ever written. This speech says “we shall have freedom, and all people should not perish. Lincoln says, “The world will little note, nor ling remember what we say here…” when he says this he shows he really didn’t know this speech would be remembered to this day. (yet here we are writing a paper in 2012 about it.) Lincoln’s speech shows us we can’t forget what happened so long ago. Reva Majercak Fisher High School Fisher, IL