Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Madelyn Nelson

A two minute speech forever changed the world. “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here...” 150 years later the Gettysburg Address is still remembered. We have not forgotten the significance of the Civil War. President Lincoln made his speech about fighting for our freedom, dying for our country and even for each other. Father's against sons. The battle at Gettysburg was a terrible tragedy, but things could have turned out differently. There was a one hour period in the battle at Gettysburg that could have changed history forever. The Confederates and the Union were across an area of about 5 miles. But there was a hill that was unoccupied. The Confederates saw the hill but the Union was closer and they caught on to what was going to happen. The Union got to the hill and the Confederates were being fought on an up-hill battle. The Union decided to charge towards the Confederates, and as that part of the battle was going on one of the generals had gotten word that the Confederates were going to surrender. One moment in history can change the outcome of events. The Civil War could have been worse if the Confederates had decided to keep fighting. Many more people could have been killed and affected. The Gettysburg Address and the Civil War had a huge impact on people. It humbled many, and changed our whole society on how we acted. We could still have slavery and segregation. But we don't and that's because people fought for country, each other, and for themselves. Madelyn Nelson Fisher High School Fisher Il