Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Megan Nigg

November 19, 1863 How can one speech cause so much controversy? Today I went to Gettysburg and had to listen to a man ramble for two hours. He had important things to say but would repeat everything to the point where no one was listening. Everyone was ready to go home when he finally got done, but then the president shows up! We invited him but no one thought he would come. He started off extremely weird, he asked for a desk to sit in not only that, his speech was only two minutes long. But as he started talk everyone became really quiet and started listening to him, his words were so new no one has ever said something like it. First the crowd didn’t know what to think of his speech. Should we argue, should we ignore him, or should we listen? But I knew exactly what he meant. He spoke in a way that wasn’t putting anyone down. He talked about how we should end the war and come together as the nation we should be. He made me think about how we may have lost people in this war but we should stop so we can come together now. There was so much to talk about after his speech people to left and to the right of me all had a different idea but we all knew one thing, if we didn’t end this war our nation would not survive. I believe that Lincoln will get us through this trying time and we will come out successful and strong. He is what will get us though this battle. Megan Nigg Fisher High School Fisher, IL