Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Garrison Pacunas

The Gettysburg Address is a very not so important speech that secured the union after the war. The Gettysburg Address was written by Abraham Lincoln. He believed that we were doing the right thing. In his speech he says “that this nation, under god”. He said that the 45,000 people who died for what they believed. They did die in vain because what they were fighting for was ridiculous. They did not have to start a war over slavery. We would have been better off staying the way it was then fighting for slavery. Look at us now the worst president in the world is still in office. The Gettysburg Address was written so well it is in the textbooks to this day. Abraham Lincoln did not think that it would be in textbooks today. Abraham Lincoln thought his speech was good. It summarized everything that went on into two minute speech. He also left out a lot like the fact so many people died for no reason. Abraham Lincoln may have thought he was doing good, but he was doing more harm than good too many people died for a ridiculous reason. I don’t think too many people can see it now but there are many people that are on the news for killing people and it is white people defending themselves against a attack from a black person. It is ridiculous that a white man can’t defend himself but black man can go around raping women and only going to jail for a couple of months. I think the government should bring back many things that would make good changes. Garrison Pacunas Fisher High School Fisher, Il