Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Drayton Purvis

The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln is one of the integral speeches ever written by a President. It is this way because, it was only 272 words, and in only that many amount of words it was very concise, it respected all parties relevant, and also he told them they were doing the right thing. In only 272 words President Lincoln was able to put so much meaning into such a small amount of words. The man that spoke before him spoke for two hours. Then the President speaks for only two minutes. Even though Lincoln was short and spoke for only two minutes, he was beyond respectful to the Union and the South. In his eyes the South was still part of the Union and the fighting must come to an end. It was like the North and the South was brothers fighting and Abraham Lincoln was the father that had to step in and say “stop the fighting”. He tried to get across the point that the Union must be preserved. Another reason the Gettysburg Address is so important is because that Lincoln was telling them that they were doing the right thing. He didn’t necessarily like the fact that we were killing our own countrymen, but he wanted to state that they were willing to do anything that it would take to win and uphold democracy, and abolish slavery. Lincoln knew that this speech would change the tide of the war. Maybe he didn’t know that this speech would end up in textbooks, but he did know that it would be in the newspapers, and everyone would see it. Drayton Purvis Fisher High School Fisher, IL