Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Toree Stalter

In 272 words, to 15,000 people, and in less than two minutes, Lincoln was able to make one of the most influential speeches known to man. Many aspects of Lincoln speech made the Gettysburg Address important until this day. One of the aspects was that his speech was short and sweet. Lincoln got right down to the point. This speech was made to make people think about why they were killing their own people. We, as Americans were at the lowest point in the Civil War. We were killing each other for no good reason. Lincoln was trying to show us that we needed to stop lashing out at one another, and instead reunite. Lincoln was trying to tell us that we needed to set our differences aside, and work together against the task at hand. This speech was never meant to discourage anyone, it was meant to keep the Union preserved. This was one last effort to make America whole again. Another point that Lincoln was trying to get across, was burying the hatchet between the South, and the Union. Abe was not trying to encourage war, but was trying to bring peace and tranquility to the U.S. At this time, the South was seceding from the Union. Because of all the war, Lincoln also gave a tribute to the people who died fighting. Lincoln did not know that his 272 word speech would be in our textbooks today. And little did Lincoln know that his speech would turn people around for the better. If Lincoln had not given the Gettysburg Address on November 19th, would our world be the same? Toree Stalter Fisher High School Fisher, IL