Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Chase Vestal

What is the meaning of The Gettysburg Address? Some people may just think of Abraham Lincoln, or maybe the American Civil War. There may be people who don’t even know what the Gettysburg Address is. Lincoln knew well what the meaning of his speech was. He wanted to respect and remember those who had died in Gettysburg and that they hadn’t died for nothing. He used his fear of losing his country to war and he wrote down his feelings and used them to his advantage. He never once in his speech intended to offend the Confederates, or any political party. Lincoln didn’t want to create arguments, especially between the North and South. He created a solid speech that was made in honor of the many brave people, Union and Confederate, who gave their lives in the war. The speech was meant for Gettysburg, and also in general, our country. Those 272 words were not made by mistake, but for a speech that would make everyone stop and think about why we, as a country, would divide ourselves and create a war. Lincoln explains to everyone that there are men that made sacrifices at Gettysburg. He had known that there hadn’t been much for him to help the war effort physically. He used what little he had and told everyone what he thought and what they should do in order to honor all the people that fought for their lives So that they might live another day. Lincoln’s speech changed people’s minds, and made a difference. If he could do that with only 2 minutes, just think if it were two hours. Chase Vestal Fisher Jr. Sr. High school Fisher IL