Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Dylan Wagner

“The Gettysburg Address” was one of the greatest presidential speeches in history. Giving the shortest s speech in United States history, a grand total of two hundred and seventy two words, Abraham Lincoln managed to convince the nation that the Union had to be preserved, that democracy and freedom for all people is something worth fighting for. Lincoln believed and conveyed to the people that in order for democracy to survive, the Union must be preserved. The war was not only a test for the nation, but it was a test that any nation could stand under a democracy. Lincoln states in his speech that no one could change what happened at the “Battle of Gettysburg”. No words could change the outcome and nothing could truly be done to honor the fallen. For the dead, and only the dead who sacrificed their lives could make the ground holy. Abraham Lincoln took care to only mention the Union as a whole. He still saw the United States as a whole believed that for democracy to survive, so too must the Union, as it was setting an example to the entire world. “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here”. Lincoln was unaware of the huge magnitude of his speech. He must have known his words would have been known throughout the country, but how could he have known his speech would become one of the most well known in United States history? He wrote his speech to be short and to the point to both hold people’s attention and to convince them that they needed to fight that war. Dylan Wagner Fisher High School Fisher Il