Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Cale Zook

“Have you ever heard a really good speech? There have been a lot of good speeches that have changed the world tremendously. One of the speeches that have changed the world is “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King Jr this speech has 1579 words in it. That is a lot of words compared to the “Gettysburg Address” spoke by Abraham Lincoln with only 272 words. This speech was told in Gettysburg Cemetery where there were many people that couldn’t hear or couldn’t see Abe. That is why this speech is so great it didn’t come in to effect until a couple hundred years later. It didn’t change the world severely because Abe was such a good speaker. He didn’t change the world with his powerful voice or uplifting speech that day. I think he changed the world with his high use of words and great vocabulary. I think everyone there that day decided that they should listen to him because his persuasiveness and great vocabulary. I think it helped the world understand that he wanted the fighting to stop because both sides were tired and war weary. That this fight didn’t have to go on if both sides would just agree. I truthfully believe that if this speech was not given then the war might not of ended. The outcome of this speech has really changed the world today in many ways I don’t know where we would be today without this wonderful speech. The war could of continued and this nation might not be as closely knitted as we are today. Abraham Lincoln’s speech is probably the greatest speech. Cale Zook Fisher Jr. Sr. High school Fisher, IL