Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Gilvie Zook

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Our country will destroy itself before we fall to a higher power. Lincoln predicted what is happening in our country today, our country is slowly destroying itself from the inside out. Our senators are making decisions that are not in our countries best interest. We must change the way we think so that when the youth of America becomes the elderly, that we still have a country. The decisions that are being made today will not affect them but rather my generation. Our country has changed dramatically since Lincolns time, where it was considered an honor to be a representative of your state has now become a career. We have politicians who have been in government so long that they really no longer have the connection with the people they represent. It is time for a change, we must rise up and fix our country and put it back on top. Our country has faced many challenges in its life but the problems we are facing today might be the toughest we have ever had. Lincoln was talking about the face of a civil war saying the country would destroy itself militaristically. In today’s society we will destroy ourselves civically and by our unwise decisions, we have worried to much about not making anyone mad and not stepping on toes. What happened to the daring and courageous men this country was founded behind? We must not be scared to disappoint or anger any people that are in control in America. Gilvie Zook Fisher High School Fisher, Illinois