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Judith Goddard

Address to the United Nations by Judith Goddard So many years ago by the Big Bang and/or by God this great earth was formed, conceived in gases and dedicated to bringing forth life in all its variety. Somehow we humans stood up and thrived while many species perished upon the earth. Now and for some indeterminate numbers of years, mankind has been testing whether this earth, or indeed any planet on which we plant our flag, can long endure. Eminent scientists say that by burning fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide levels have increased greenhouse gases which in their turn have affected the planet’s weather. Yet, there is a concerted argument about whether this is true, as it can be proven in the ice core records that climates have alternated between devastating periods of ice and drought and periods of stability. But we cannot long continue this luxury of debate. We must act immediately whatever the truth of the climate change argument as what is incontrovertible is that our planet’s weather is getting wilder and there are shorter and shorter periods between instances of extreme weather events all round the world, one week horrendous winds and flooding here and the next week terrible cyclones there. It would seem that fewer and fewer places have not been affected in some way by this wild weather. Whole populations have had their lives turned upside down by the disasters that ensue. We must put aside our differences and agree climate change policy before it is too late for tears. It may be that what we do now is too little and too late but do it we must. There is no time to lose.