Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Joshua Ritchie

The Gettysburg Address has had a profound Impact on the nation and will continue to have an impact because of its understanding of the situation at hand. Lincoln never mentioned the war because it was a non-squitter at that moment. The Address was there to dedicate the Cemetery as a national landmark not to talk politics. This speech shows that no matter your views on the war you can’t argue that what happened on that battlefield was not good. There was one other thing I think Abraham Lincoln was thinking when he wrote the speech, the heart comes first. When He gave the speech he used only 272 words he took no longer than two minutes to give the speech that is still being remembered today as it was 150 years ago not in any short part that is Lincoln wit on the situation. With time not being it’s hold the words were resounded throughout history, it’s still ironic that he said that the words would not be remembered. The Gettysburg Address Also has a long future ahead of it. As one of the most prolific writings that have come out of America it has lived up to its legacy of hope and respect to the soldiers of Gettysburg and the War. To show this much solace as through all the things he Had his mind on was amazing. But the true effect of our dear departed leaders’ speech was that through all the pain and all the glory all the hurt and joy he showed that with work we can put aside our issues and come together for the common good.