Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Lynda Kayla Parker la' suisse Smith

If you look closely at the founding fathers main interest, that the people's government should not perish, then Lincoln not only blessed the ground at Gettysburg, but he reassured the people that we were built upon freedom. This was not only about slavery, rather they were frowning upon dictatorship as well. Lincoln felt the war ended the way it did, that the north, the south, the blacks and the whites, all created with equal liberty gave their lives for the final outcome, that that nation might live.They didn't ask to go to war. Lincoln reminded the people that the men who gave their lives gave the ultimate sacrifice. Now the people living, must pick up the pieces because there would be a GREAT task ahead. A task that to this day has been interrupted by all kinds of politics, well meaning people, and also bitter and unforgiving people. "From these honored dead," ~ we owe them. We must fight no more. 'If the war had a different outcome and we were now two countries along side Canada, we would need to teach our children that truth, that the northern men gave their lives along with the southern men that the United States not be United but be two countries. There had to be an outcome. We can deny and argue and act naive. We can go to battle again in our own back yards and kill another half million loved ones. Then I would say that our great grandparents did die in vain. Remember, shall NOT perish, but have everlasting life.