Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Zhane Robinson

Abraham Lincoln once said in his famous Gettysburg Address “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent…that all men are created equal.” If this is to be believed, for the great President Lincoln was said to never have told a lie, then the founding fathers thought of all men as equal. Considering that all of this is fact, then how is it that one man’s life has more value than another? There are countless examples depicted in our history of such atrocities, heinous crimes where the founding fathers and Lincoln’s beliefs and notions are utterly disregarded as one man’s life suddenly has more value than another. One such example is the infamous and very recent The State of Florida Vs. Zimmerman case. Many think the case, in which an African- American adolescent’s life was taken by a man who allegedly took the youth’s life through self-defense, was an example of racial discrimination today. I have my opinions on the matter, but I know that Zimmerman, the man accused of Martin’s murder, was acquitted while a man from Michigan received fifteen years in jail for sexually assaulting dogs. This is clear evidence that while all men are created equally for President Lincoln again never told a lie, all men are not treated equal. And while I could continue to point out and emphasize many examples much like this one, I will not. Lincoln believed everyone was created equal and on that day, the nineteenth of the eleventh month back in 1863, Lincoln said in 272 words that all men should be treated equally; let us heed his words