Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Preston Braaten

Our nation is represented by many symbols. One of which, is the Gettysburg Address, the words that Lincoln wrote, like “Liberty”, and “All men are created equal” are the ideas and strength of our country. Liberty means freedom and men being created equal means that we are all the same, and together these words represent the USA. Lincoln wrote these words so we could live in freedom, “a new nation, conceived in Liberty.” He also wrote these words so we would stop tearing the nation apart, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not parish from the earth.” Citizens of our country today are and should be grateful for the people who have fought to protect our freedom. Freedom today is standing up for what you believe in. Freedom is standing up for others. Freedom is saying what you want. Freedom lies in being bold. Freedom is being able to walk around town. Freedom is being able to sleep at night. Freedom is being able to go outside. Freedom is responsibility. Freedom is nothing but a chance to get better. Freedom is fighting for others. Freedom is not given it’s earned. You can’t be free without freedom. You can live the way you live without freedom. You wouldn’t be able to do the thing that you do now, without freedom. You have to live it, and breathe it. Freedom is America. Freedom is not free and I would like to thank the men and women throughout history for giving me this gift of freedom. Preston Braaten Fisher High School Fisher, IL