Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Bryce Burk

November 19, 1863 Today I went to Gettysburg and watched a guy talk for two hours. He would repeat himself on everything he said which made things a little boring. He did have some good things to talk about though. When the guy was finally done talking, President Abraham Lincoln came to give a speech. I thought it was going to be long and boring like the other one. However, he only talked for about two minutes and it wasn’t boring at all. I think it was one of the best speeches ever. In this speech, President Lincoln dedicated part of the battlefield as a cemetery for thousands of soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the battle of Gettysburg. Despite the fact that our country is fighting each other in the Civil War, we need to join together to honor these soldiers and help them carry out their cause. Our country was meant to be free and equal and we need to make sure these soldiers didn’t die without purpose. In this speech, President Lincoln gave the nation inspiration to unite and move forward. He motivated people who were weak and angry by giving them a purpose. I felt a sense of renewal from this speech and I could see that same spark lit in those around me. It is hard to believe that one man could create this sort of motivation in just two minutes considering the devastation and destruction that was left in Gettysburg following the battle. Although Lincoln stated that words spoken in Gettysburg will not be remembered, only the actions of the soldiers will. I will remember. Bryce Burk Fisher High School Fisher, IL