Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Kaleb Cotter

The Gettysburg Address is the most important speech in history because it was the greatest speech given by a United states President that had the most impact on the country. Not even Abraham Lincoln knew what his speech would become. The Civil War was one of the lowest, darkest times in American history, Abraham Lincoln recognized that and based his speech upon the fact that everyone in America knew it was a bad time and he told America the truth. He states that many men have died, he knows it is a terrible time and a bloody battle, yet he still gives hope by saying,”… that this nation, under god, shall have a new birth of freedom… and that government of the people… by the people… for the people… shall not perish from the earth.” He is saying that the union will be preserved and will not perish, and he gives hope to the people of America. Most of the people there, listening to The Gettysburg Address probably didn’t understand or realize the importance of that speech until later on. Edward Everett, one of the greatest speakers spoke for almost two hours, then Abraham Lincoln followed up with a three minute speech, yet the one we remember today is one of the greatest speeches in history. Although it wasn’t very long, he had a lot to say. I think the most powerful part is when Abraham Lincoln states,” The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” Not even Abraham Lincoln himself thought that we would remember his excellent speech. Kaleb Cotter Fisher High School Fisher, IL