Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Dylan Creasy

Did you know that the Gettysburg address was one of the most famous and moving speeches of all time? Even the battle itself wasn't as important as the speech was. One of the most important events in American history was the Battle of Gettysburg, a defining battle of the Civil War. For three days in July 1863, Union and Confederate soldiers slugged it out in and around the southeastern Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg the speech was written by Abraham Lincoln he gave the speech on June, 1, 1865. This speech was moving because it helped resolve the war and100 the conflicts brought on by the war. On the site of one of the bloodiest and most devious battles of the civil war, two men were invited to give a speech. Mr. Edward Everett gave a two hour speech and President Abraham Lincoln was the other person who wrote a speech for this day. Even though Edwards speech was two hours long and Abrahams was only 2 minutes. Mr. Abraham Lincoln's speech was way more moving than that of Edwards. Everyone knew that President Lincoln was going to try and turn the war around. At the battle of Gettysburg there were over 51,112 killed. Today Gettysburg is one of the most popular cemeteries in the world not only because of the speech that was given on June 1st but because of all of the soldiers who died in honor of our country. Abraham Lincoln has changed the lives of many people and Continues to do so today. I personally think that the Gettysburg speech was needed because it showed what our nation is. Dylan Creasy Fisher High School Fisher, IL