Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation

Alex Dow

Words can change history. On November 19 1863 Abraham Lincoln wrote one of the greatest speeches in history. This speech was known as the Gettysburg address. Little did he know at the time that his speech would have a lasting impact on this world? The Gettysburg Address has had a lasting impact for 150 years and will most likely always have a lasting impact. Not only did he change the way millions of people think he also changed the way we live today. Lincoln also redefined the Civil War as a struggle not just for the union, but also for the equality of humans. Abe had not only given hope to the people that our nation would become a whole once again but that it would stay that for many years to come. Who would have thought that a speech that consisted of only 272 words and that had only lasted for 2 minutes would change a nation? While giving his speech Lincoln did not show any sign of being bias, by saying “The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here…” He did not say “The brave Confederates living and dead, who struggled here…” and he did not say “The brave Union soldiers living and dead, who struggled here…” He simply said the brave men. The Gettysburg Address has been come to be known as one of the greatest speeches in history by many races. Lincoln didn’t just fight for black rights; he also fought for the freedom of all Americans. Even though Abraham Lincolns speech was short it was also astonishingly well written, and it was very well thought out. Alex Dow Fisher High School Fisher IL